Wednesday, September 9, 2009

A few years ago, Phat Girlz, a movie starring comedienne, Monique, came out in theatres. Truthfully, it had been out on DVD and on TBS long before I bothered looking at it. I just didn’t want to. But my sister nagged me until I gave in—and I didn’t do so graciously, I might add. The movie is about a plus-sized woman who wants to break into the fashion industry that has no place for women of voluptuous physiques. Along the way, she meets a man who loves her for her--size and all. Not only does she have to come to believe in her talent, but she also must accept that this fine man can love a woman of her stature.

Enter Jimmy Jean Louis. He plays, Dr.Tunde Jonathan, Monique’s love interest. While the acting, cinematography, and plot was umm…okay (I’m not Siskel and Eibert, mind you, but it’s not winning an Emmy!), what captured my interest and imagination was Jimmy Jean Louis, or rather his character. Smooth, Hershey Kiss chocolate skin, dark sexy eyes, adorable smile and “Slap a Warning Label on that Thing!” body aside, his love for her made him positively drool-worthy. So many times we say, “Oh, he loves her in spite of her weight.” No, he adored everything about this woman—her intelligence, talent, charisma and her body. How sexy is a man who looks at a woman's hips and doesn't see a flaw but one of her perfect, unique characteristics? The way he spoke to her…the way he looked at her…the way he touched her…they were as sexy as his “If You Touch Me With that Thing I Will Faint” body.

I’m sure Jimmy Jean Louis has played in other roles, but he will always be Dr. Tunde Jonathan to me. And because his shiver at the sight of a curvaceous body made me shiver, Jimmy Jean Louis aka Tunde Jonathan, you are…Hawtie of the Month!