Monday, April 12, 2010

Desire in the Dark Release Date and Everybody Wins a Free Copy!!

Okay, if that didn't get you here, I don't know what will!! LOL!

My new release with Ellora's Cave, Desire in the Dark, releases today, April 12th! And guess what! Everybody receives a free copy! Why? Not because I'm so giving and benevolent...I mean I am but you know, other than that...Desire in the Dark is my new Free Read! FREE! A FREE download! Advertising might have been a bit false but it's still FREE and everyone can still download a copy for...wait, wait what was that word *finger snap and lip tap* Right, right! FREE!! LOL! Check out the blurb and excerpt below!

Alise Layton has been in love with McKenzie “Mac” Dunn since she moved to New Eden, WA. Unfortunately, the sexy attorney considers her a friend…and not one “with benefits”. Just as Alise decides unrequited love is for fools and poets, a freak thunderstorm plummets the town into darkness and traps her with the man who has starred in her every erotic fantasy for the past year. A blackout. Wine. A gorgeous man. Anything could happen...


Mac blinked.

Then blinked again.

“Two years?” he croaked. After clearing his throat, he bent forward, pinning her with an incredulous stare. “You haven’t had sex in two years?”

Alise groaned, squeezing her eyes shut. Damn she hadn’t meant to let that slip. She lifted her lashes, peeking out from under them and wanted to cringe. He stared at her as if she were some kind of fugitive from the freak show—horrified disbelief and fascination. She squashed the urge to pat her chest and check for a third breast.

“Could you please not gawk?” she snapped. “We all don’t have stacked Amazons fighting to get into our beds.” An image of the tall, built women Mac dated—the opposite of her—flashed through her mind and she scowled.

“You want to get a stacked Amazon into your bed? Sorry,” he apologized at the sound of her dark growl. He shook his head. A heartbeat of silence. “Two years?” She rose from the edge of her seat and he held his hands out, palms up, as if warding off her imminent attack. “Look, you can’t blame me for being surprised. I mean, look at you, Alise. A beautiful redhead and successful business woman. Surely there hasn’t been a shortage of opportunities. Why haven’t you—”

“Gotten my groove back?” Alise supplied. Again he laughed, and once more her heart dived south of nowhere. Maybe she should confess the truth. Just lay her cards out on the table and allow the proverbial chips to fall where they may.

Well, Mac, funny thing. Since I’ve moved to New Eden I’ve been suffering from a terrible case of unrequited love. Just recently I decided to move on because I realize this man will never truly see me. He will never recognize me as the woman who loves him, who would give him everything if he but looked at me.

Oh yeah. By the way.

That man is you.

Yeah, that's all you get. I mean it is FREE! Okay, I'll stop

It's available now! Go get it! Why are you still reading? I'm finished. Done. Terminar. 完.

(That's finish in Chinese, y'all!)

Go enjoy it!!