Wednesday, August 5, 2009

“Here we are…born to be kings! We’re the princes of the universe!”
And with the onset of the guitar riff from that Queen rock anthem, all work, talking and studying ceased because Highlander had come on. There were only two times in the day that complete solidarity could be found in the dorm at my college: 1 p.m. for The Jerry Springer Show and 6 p.m. for Highlander. On both shows people fought, followed funny scripts and had only one man left standing. But, Highlander had Adrian Paul.

Duncan MacLeod of the Clan MacLeod.

With the exception of Linda Howard’s, Niall in “Son of the Morning” is there a man who’s sexier in a kilt than Duncan MacLeod? But then, it didn’t matter. The hair (though his long, don’t-you-just-want-to-grab-it ponytail remains by far my favorite!), clothes and the century changed, but the man was pure Alpha male for five hundred years! The accent that wooed like a smooth dark, wine. The war-honed body that could wield a sword on the battlefield and the bedroom…pun definitely intended. And that smile? He could do more with a smile then most men could with dinner and a movie!

Still, Duncan was more. And isn’t that what all women want? More. Witnessing his skill in battle as he chopped off the head of his opponent and received an electric shock that could have made Charlie Manson sane, you knew Duncan was powerful enough to not only be the last immortal standing, but to also be the last man standing protecting you. The way he could flip the script and shift from humorous to dangerous when detecting a threat never failed to elicit a shiver of pure deliciousness from me. Duncan would die to protect and keep the ones he loved. I remember watching the series and loving the way he loved Tessa. He possessed a touch of the bad boy with the bevy of beauties he bedded through the centuries, but when it came down to it, Duncan was a one-woman man. What is sexier than fidelity? Unless it’s fidelity in a man who is loyal, caring, courageous and immortal? It’s pretty heady stuff!

For these reasons, Duncan MacLeod, you are…

Hawtie of the Month!


  1. I sooooo agree with Duncan MacLeod of the Clan MacLeod (I say this in the Scottish accent). The sword along with the ponytail is working for me! Now if only he would take me to Ireland to live in our own comfy drafty castle (sigh)!

  2. Oh my, my! When I saw who your hottie of the month was, I gasped. I LOVE Adrian Paul as the Highlander. I also loved him as the ill fated brother in the 90s remake of Dark Shadows.

  3. Many of life's failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up....Good to know you press on and follow through with your dream. I wish you nothing but continuous success. God bless you and your family