Monday, December 14, 2009

Kickin' Off the Holidays--Erotic Romance Authors and their Kick A** Shoes!

by Michelle Polaris

It’s December again, and even erotic romance authors need to gear up to kick some holiday butt preparing for the winter celebrations to come. In the spirit of these winter warriors’ battle to get ready for the holidays, I’ve asked seven of them to contribute pictures of their favorite ass-kicking shoes along with links to their “go-to” sites. These includes their personal web and blogsites, links to buy their books, etcetera. For an extra treat some have included a blurb about which of the characters in their stories are most likely to kick-ass, holiday or otherwise. So browse below and get a feel for the flavors of these authors. Perhaps these are the very sexy and powerful shoes that get them in the mood…to write, of course.

(And read on for a contest at the end of the post)

**Come by and check out the favorite shoes and boots belonging to several of your favorite Ellora's Cave authors!! Including mine!! Hee-hee!


  1. I love these boots...are they made for walking? woot!

  2. Those books are great. I just bought a pair of black leather ones that have a 4 inch heel and go up to my knees. I wore them to the husband's christmas party at work. LOL!

  3. Not only did I have loads of fun helping put the post together for our fantabulous erotic romance group, but my husband is even inspired to buy me a second pair of black leather boots. Go figure.

  4. Hi, Christine!
    You better believe it!! Hee-hee-hee!!

  5. LOL! Laurann! I'm sure your husband was soooo paying attention to his co-workers while you were standing next to him in those boots!! LOL! Sounds sexy!!

  6. Michelle, I say you made out!! Not only did you come up with an awesome and fun post, but you're garnering another sexy-cute pair of boots out of it?? Cyber high-five!! LOL!

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